Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Steel Doors Used In Bathroom Shower Enclosure and Sauna Room

Portella steel doors were used in this contemporary bathroom remodel.  The narrow steel profile and large expanse TDL (true divided lights) of glass help to give the room and open airy feeling.  Steel door and fixed sidelite opening into the steam shower provides a long term solution to humid environment and creates a larger visual of the relative small space.
Portella's thermally bonded galvanizing proces provides a 20 year min corrosive protection.  Units can be either painted or natural patina finished.
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Wine Cellar Door - Steel and Glass 3 Lite Door

The Designer on this wine room project chose to use a three lite steel and glass door.  Portella's proprietary minimal frame and muntin bars allow for maximum glass and viewing area.  Portella Custom Pull Handle M11.  Door finished in Dark Bronze.
Project:  Dallas, Tx
Portella Steel Doors & Windows, Dallas TX  214-484-3134

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Elliptical Arched Double Doors with Sidelites and Transom Door and Window Units - Santa Barbara, CA

Unique shaped double steel doors with operable casement sidelite windows and fixed transom above show the range of Portella's capabilities.  Portella's proprietary profiles are more narrow that other steel window and door companies.  The sightline between doors to sidelites and doors to transom is only 1 5/8" compared to our competitors at 3 5/8".  
Custom elliptical arched units, finished to match Lowen Sage green.  Out swing doors with minimalist hardware.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Sub-Zero & Wolf New Kitchen Design Studio in Dallas - Pivot Door with Sidelites

Portella Steel Doors and Windows recently partnered with Sub-Zero & Wolf on a contemporary kitchen showcased at the new Dallas Kitchen Design Studio.  Portella is featured as the back wall of this beautiful contemporary Poggenpohl kitchen.

The architect specified a narrow sight line steel pivot door with two equal sidelites on each side.  The unit is finished in charcoal black.  Portella handle M30 finished in charcoal black was designed to be proportionate with the door.

Innovative kitchen ideas and inspiration awaits you at the Poggenpohls design kitchen located at the new Subzero Wolf Dallas kitchen Design Studio.  Open to the public as well as the architectural and interior design community.

Portella Steel Pivot Door with 2 Equal Sidelites.  Obscure Glass.   Charcoal Black finish.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are quickly becoming one the hottest trends in custom building. Portella has been fabricating Pivot doors for the past 10 years. We offer pivot doors in our narrow sightline steel Architect Series, as well as the contemporary MoMa Collection.

A few guidelines to consider; the minimum width of a pivot door should be 4 feet.  The pivot point can be located 8 to 12 inches from the edge of the door giving a free swing clearance of 3 feet or greater.  We use 6 feet wide as the maximum width of our pivot doors.  We can accommodate heights up to 10 or 11 feet. Custom pull handles and thresholds that conceal the pivot system are an integral part of Portella's pivot doors.

Portella recently partnered with Sub-Zero Wolf in the new Dallas Texas Kitchen Design Center.  Portella is featured in the beautiful Poggenpohl contemporary Kitchen

Portella Architect Series Steel Pivot Door with 2 Equal Sidelites, obscure Satin Etch glass, M30 Pull Handle, finish Charcoal Black

This pivot door installed in Tucson AZ is featured on our website. The unit is 6' w x 7' 3" h.  The Architect, Simmons Home Design, brought more detail to the unit by combing satin etched glass with a clear glass lite on the bottom.  Portella M10  custom pull handle is shown in natural polished steel finish.

MoMa Series Sun Door - This unique custom designed door features a separately hinged glass panel (on the interior side of the unit).  Amber colored glass was later installed at at the job site.  Door size is 6 feet wide x 8 feet high.  Custom Portella finish of bronze rust with dark rust and black edge details.

Interior View
Steel Pivot Door - Narrow Sight Line Architect Series - 4 lite 1W 4H.  Narrow sight lines make the appearance of the door clean and minimalist.  The finish is Portella standard dark bronze. Hardware is Portella M10 custom pull handles in matching dark bronze finish.

Contemporary metal door from Portella's MoMa Series M176 with 4 Lites.  This unit is 4 feet wide x 8 feet high, finished in Portella standard finish Steel Grey, and features M30 custom pull handles.  Satin etched insulated glass provides privacy.  

Sun pivot design doors are unique and allow for bright light to enter the home while maintaing privacy. The door is reversed with custom cast glass.
6' w x 8' h – Available in multiple finishes
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