Thursday, March 2, 2017

Manhattan Brown Stone - Steel Bi-Fold and Steel French Doors

Located in Manhattan NY, this Brown Stone was taken down to the face of the building and completely re-built by Jonathan Chen Construction.  The building is 4 levels.  A 20 foot wide 10 foot high Portella steel bi-fold door unit was used in the great room located on the first level.  The steel bi-fold unit in this rooms opens the space up to the outdoors expanding the use of the entertaining area.   The natural light allowed in by the narrow sight lines of the steel bi-fold door, blurs the exterior to the interior making a seamless transition.

Portella Steel Bi-Fold.  20' x 10', 6 panel center bi-parting

Friday, February 3, 2017

Adolphus Hotel (Dallas, TX) Window Walls



Located off of Commerce St. in Downtown Dallas, TX - The Adolphus Hotel is a historic hotel that originally opened it's doors in 1912. 

The photos below are of the entry way to the hotel, which features Portella Storefront Interior window walls and steel doors.   The Storefront Series has been developed for commercial projects and projects with tight budget constraints.  The Interior Storefront series is perfect when exterior climate issues are not an issue.  The series features Portella's signature wet glaze system and narrow slender sight lines.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Santa Barbara Ranch Style Home Steel Doors and Windows

Steel Doors
Portella provided all the exterior steel doors and windows on the beautiful Santa Barbara Ranch style home located in Southern California.
Architecture:  Friehauf Architects
Builder:  Mulvey Custom Builders, Doug Mulvey
Door and Window Consultant:  Bob Olliver, 858-792-7574
Portella Steel Doors and Windows - 877-263-8851 or 512-263-8851

Three panel steel bi-fold unit.

Steel door with fixed sidelites and transom - arched.

Double door with push out casement steel windows and fixed transoms were used across the back of the home. 

Roto operated out-swing casement windows were incorporated into the large double door sidelite units.  The project also included Portella fixed steel screen option.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Modern office space

Modern Office Space Steel Sliding Doors

The Libman Group, Aspen Colorado      

This commercial space in Aspen, Colorado, uses an elegant yet minimalist approach to defining a place of business. The Portella narrow sightline steel doors and steel windows create an inviting aesthetic, and an open feel.

Portella recently developed new product line Storefront Interior and Storefront Exterior designed for interior office, commercial, and residential spaces.  The series incorporations Portella's signature glazing system and is priced at a lower cost for projects with tighter budget constraints.

Architect: The Libman group

Joseph Fowler Homes Austin Texas

Joseph Fowler Homes Austin Texas

Steel Window and Door Wall

Portella's signature glazing with minimalist muntin bars provides and open light feel to this dining space wall of steel doors and steel windows.

Builder/Architect:  Joseph Fowler Homes 

Steel Shower Enclosure Dallas Texas

Steel Door Shower Enclosure

Steel and glass were used on this remodeled shower enclosure, giving the small space a larger feel

Steel and Glass Shower Enclosure

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Pivot Door Wall System

Santa Barbara, California

Large expanses of pivot door panels make a dramatic backdrop to this home located in Santa Barbara overlooking the ocean.  The system was designed with integrated seals and stops, which eliminated the need of vertical structural supports (columns between the panels).

Portella Pivot Door Wall System
70 foot long Pivot Door Wall System by Portella

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